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I am Denisa Rensen and I am passionate about humans living beautifully & living long.

We are consciousness having a powerful human experience here. 

Living FULLY requires radical self-love, intelligent strategy and a deep care for the body, the soul & the world.

I am here to support you as you design your physical & metaphysical life for SIGNIFICANCE, for IMPACT & for BLISS.



Dr. Denisa Rensen B.Sc., B.A., N.D. FAARM A4M
Anti-Aging & Regenerative Personalized Medicine

Personalized Regenerative Medicine
Clinical Nutrition, Lifestyle Medicine, High-Performance Medicine Adrenal & Thyroid Support, Bio-Identical Hormones, Inflammation & Oxidative Stress,  Digestive & Metabolic Repair, Cannabinoid Medicine, CBD
 LDA Immunotherapy, Genomics, Radical Life Extension Strategies

Regenerative Injections
French Mesotherapy & German Biopuncture
Platelet-Enriched Plasma PRP: Aesthetic, Libido, Tissue Repair, Pain
High Dose Nutrient IV Cocktails
Nutritional Meyers, Anti-aging Cocktails, Skin Rejuvenation, 
Surgery Support, Detoxification, Menopause, PMS, 
Mental Alertness & Brain, Mood Support, Sleep, Injury Repair, Pain Relief, Immune Cocktails Fibromyalgia, Digestive, Hypertension, Vision, 
Migraine & Headache, High Dose Vitamin C Drips, Chelation Therapy, Ozone Therapy

Mind Body
Metaphysical alignment is everything in health! Subconscious Transcension Strategies


' wherever there is a love of medicine

there is a love of humanity ' 

- Hippocrates


About Dr | Denisa Rensen

DENISA is one of Hawaii's most Innovative Integrative Naturopathic Physicians.

She is the founding CEO of a boutique Anti-Aging & Regenerative Personalized Medicine Practice for Women.

From 2019, Dr. Rensen is living globally, launching a beautiful global brand for the Future Human, called
A Future Conscious Intelligent Luxe Society for the Future Human
She supports high/achieving future/conscious men & women as they design their health and lives for Significance, Impact & Bliss. 

She has one/one programs, group programs, workshops & luxury retreats

She is the curator of the blissDesigned MAGAZINE & the

blissDesigned PODCAST, intimate convos with the #futureFEMME

a Writer, a Poet, a Cinematographer
a Triathlete, a Freediver
a Mystic, an Essentialist
 a Mother & a Woman



Denisa was born in Europe. She grew up under the influence of science, literature & art. Her father - a Surgeon & avid writer/musician, her mother - a pianist & music theory Professor - she was always guided by the deeply creative & the stoically pragmatic in all areas of her life.

' a good convo at the dinner table was always the main course,

folks songs sung in the car were the radio '

Her family moved to Tunisia/NorthAfrica, where she spent a very adventurous & enchanting childhood - homeschooled near the beach, learning French, Italian and Arabic. The immigration that followed was a difficult time - as it is for all of humanity uprooting and starting over. France & Canada were the challenging years for the family  - but these really set in her deep humility, discipline & what she refers to in her poetry as -

' a care, fully cared

a presence, fully present

a love, loved entirely '

Denisa is an avid academic/researcher, holding Honors Degrees in Philosophy, in Biology, in Psychology and a Medical Degree in Naturopathic Medicine. Her expertise in Longevity is enriched with the Fellowship in Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine from the American Academy of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine - A4M

Denisa is passionate about exponential medicine, transhumanism & the future of unlimited lifespans. She is the Ambassador of the Transhumanist Party in Japan, a speaker & MC of Longevity conferences.

She is a writer, a poet, a photographer, cinematographer & conscious media producer - always bridging art & science in all she does. 

Traveling the World, living in Kyoto/Japan for 7 years, raising her children in Hawaii  - always in search for the mystical & metaphysical - really shaped her blissDesigned view on life.

She brings this great love and wisdom into all her work in the world. A true renaissance woman, #futureFemme. 


' bliss in the compass

love is the land '

- rensen




blissDesigned SALONS - Virtual Programs


“ your physicality, your metaphysicality, your passion & your futures “



future human | blissDesigned

“ reversing your biological age—with ease, elegance & grace“