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with Dr. Denisa Rensen

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As a token of appreciation I wish to extend to you a 10% gift code to any programs with me, whether one-one, group or course.

Code LUX10

Feel free to extend this offer to any of your loved ones. #collectiveFutures


If you wish to join the AGE REVERSAL SALON SERIES - Online or work with me One - One Medicine or One - One Coaching, please apply here and we will book a complimentary 30 min session.



Dr. Denisa Rensen is a true fusion of the renaissance woman and the future FEMME. Her expertise in anti-aging & regenerative functional medicine is beautifully fused with her passion for high frequency living, consciousness expansion & human ascension.

Her life mission is to design women's lives for bliss – yes! BLISS – the zenith of a woman's emotional, metaphysical and physical life. Curating inner peace & sensuous passion back into women's daily lives – this is her oyster. She is a wealth of knowledge & wisdom AND she's deeply loving and straight up fun. You will love her presence and the tremendous value she brings into your life.

To learn more, you can go to her BIO and to her JOURNEY.