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with Dr. Denisa Rensen

“ an elegant experience — all about You+ — your wellness, your radiance & your futures "



12pm PST, 3pm EST, 8pm CET


The future is not what it used to be.
Despite all the societal & environmental challenges humanity is facing, we are more than ever poised to live healthy and live long, impactful, love-infused, high-quality lives.
— denisa rensen

Join us with global expert in Anti-aging & Regenerative Medicine - Dr. Denisa Rensen - in exploring what is ahead for us, and what we can put in place every day to reach high level of wellness, happiness and expand dramatically our healthspan.

Her approach to this pertinent topic is very sophisticated.

She dives deep into the physicality, the metaphysicality and the erotic spectrum of the human, and how all these dimensions of our lives are equally important to our health, our thriving and the future of humanity.

She designs lives not just for health. Her aim is higher. She designs for bliss, the zenith of human physical and metaphysical experience.

This is absolutely next-level.

— in this salon, we’ll explore —


" shoot for the moon, even if you miss it, you will land among the stars "

In this salon, we are exposing LIFE! and the classic death paradigm we all live in - it's what it is, we've grow up understanding that aging and death are a given. This is changing. You living long healthy is very probable — as science stands now.

We are delineating a very intelligent, evidence-based & wisdom-based path to impactful super human longevity - impactful is the operative word, you will be of great value to the world, if you are healthy, awakened, switched ON and on purpose - no doubt - we are designing YOU+ here.



" you are biological, metaphysical and erotic - this is YOU+ "

In this salon, we are diving into the key spectra of our lives.

The physical spectrum, between degeneration & regeneration.

The metaphysical spectrum, between victimhood & freedom.

The erotic spectrum, between numbness & ecstasis.

And finally the spectrum of legacy in our lives, between the chaos & our aligned purpose.

We travel these polarities all our lives.

Age reversal depends intimately on positive polarization of all 4.



" every cell of your body

longs to be loved

by you "

We explore the biology of age reversal.

The evidence-based aging pathways.

The leading interventions and the cutting-edge protocols.

Current & future biomarkers of aging.


YOUR PSYCHE, your mind, your soul

Metaphysical freedom, sovereignty, hyper-agency.

Self-actualization, self-transcendence.

The psychology & metaphysics of the future human.

YOUR EROS, your passions

EROS, our life instinct.

Vs THANATOS, the dreaded death instinct.

We travel between numbness and bliss/ecstasis in our lives.

The difference between eros, flow, bliss, ecstasis delineated.

Eros — your deepest CREATIVE power, your SOLAR FUEL, it's KEY!

YOUR LEGACY, your futures

finally we dive into your purpose, your mission, your true art

you knowing you — is key

you being aligned to your true message in the world is critical for age reversal, for expanded lifespans ahead

This part of the Salon is very illuminating and full of fantastic self-discovery. We get you clear on who you are becoming.

#futureHuman #blissDesigned






Dr. Denisa Rensen is a true fusion of the renaissance woman and the future FEMME. Her expertise in anti-aging & regenerative functional medicine is beautifully fused with her passion for optimal living, consciousness expansion & futurism.

Her life mission is to design lives and futures for bliss – yes! BLISS – the zenith of human emotional, metaphysical and physical life. Curating inner peace & sensuous passion back into your daily lives – this is her oyster. She is a wealth of knowledge & wisdom AND she's deeply loving and straight up fun. You will love her presence and the tremendous value she brings into your life.

In the clinical setting, Dr. Denisa offers evidence-based and innovative medical solutions for women’s functional longevity, hormones, menopause, fertility & ovarian rejuvenation, cognitive function & mood, cardiovascular, neurological & metabolic conditions, allergies & rheumatological conditions (LDA/LDI),  medically supervised weightloss, sports and exercise nutrition, IV nutrient & chelation therapy, and Platelet Enriched Plasma & Mesotherapy for Aesthetic Rejuvenation. She is the founder & CEO of blissdesigned – a global brand for women. She is a fellow in the A4M American Academy Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine.